Startup develops fully customizable online platform for SIPAT (Accident Prevention Week)

PlayerUm creates an interactive and gamified solution for the Internal Week to Prevent Accidents at Work within companies.05/10/2020

PlayerUm, an innovation and gamification agency that develops platforms, portals, games and applications, launched a completely online, customizable and secure solution, which promises to transform the SIPAT (Internal Week for the Prevention of Accidents at Work). (

This moment demands more creative and engaging solutions to make employees aware of new challenges related to health and safety at work

With the objective of teaching and raising awareness among company employees about health and safety at work, in order to increase the degree of risk perception and, consequently, reduce the number of accidents, the gamified platform brings the contents in several interactive and customizable formats such as a maps, 2D and 3D animations, lives, podcasts, quizzes and games. "The frontier of personnel and professionals is increasingly blurred, generating attention to issues not so previously addressed, such as mental health, cyber security and domestic accidents. And so that these topics are approached in the lightest, most impactful and engaging way possible, we created SIPAT Gamified;" says Flávio.

Since its foundation in 2011, PlayerUm has created and developed games and applications for Health and Safety at Work. “This platform unifies all of our technical, artistic and creative expertise, combined with the needs of the customization market, user experience and results control, to deliver to the employee a pleasant and memorable learning experience.” In addition to being gamified and engaging, the platform brings security to contracting companies, as it is integrated with their login systems (SSO), in line with the most demanding security requirements and in compliance with the new LGPD (General data protection law).



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