PlayerUm develops interactive gamified event for Globo employees

The pioneering and 100% digital platform were created for Environment Week21/09/2020

How to approach, integrate, guide and engage the employees of a company in times of social isolation? PlayerUm, an innovation agency that develops engagement solutions, campaigns, apps and games, was hired by Globo to pioneer the development of a digital platform, focused on employees - part of the company's initiatives for Environment Week, celebrated during the 1st and 5th of June. The pioneering initiative was a success, with more than 3 thousand views of the platform, counting more than 1,300 unique users over the 5 days. Globo's actions for the week were part of the Menos é Mais platform, launched in 2015 with the aim of promoting reflection on conscious consumption and environmental sustainability.

A fun and virtual map presents the Globo Studios and sustainable practices that are underway

In previous years, an event was held in person, with workshops, lectures and actions at Globo offices. But with the pandemic, the landscape and demands have changed. The solution for this edition was to do it within a digital platform, completely online and interactive. A gamified event. The activities were carried out throughout the Environment Week. On the closing day, June 5 (Friday), the platform generated prizes for the best placed in the ranking of games. The 100% digital interactive project had Conscious Consumption as its main theme and involved the entire PlayerUm team.

“We were called to bring a solution that would intensify employee engagement, making communication more effective and generating greater awareness of the company's internal resource preservation processes. We developed an innovative digital environment from scratch. We brought to the screen the content that was previously physically shared. And to make it lighter and more fun, we tell this story through videos and games, with the Globo Studios map as a backdrop, which is, at the same time, the central character of this project. All this action was created based on what has been discussed as the “New Normal”, following the lifestyle online that will govern everyone's daily life, including corporations from now on”, defines Flávio Stoliar, PlayerUm's CEO. Since the beginning of social isolation, the agency has been meeting a growing demand from the corporate market.



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