PlayerUm develops an application that helps the process of stop smoking

FUMASIL® is a product indicated to help to stop smoking 22/09/2020

PlayerUm was hired by FQM Pharmacy Industry to develop the application FUMASIL®, a tool integrated with the anti-smoking drug Fumasil, with the objective of helping in the treatment of tobacco control. The product is available for Android and IOS for free. The differential of the application is the motivational monitoring that the user does throughout a 90-day treatment day. It assists in the control of medications, in reducing the intense desire to smoke, it has push notifications, statistics according to the goals, data sharing, and, at the same time, the user's estimate of their journey.

The informational app offers differentiated and motivating support throughout the process of quitting smoking.

“Fumasil®, as it is a product suitable for smoking, safe, without nicotine, and without side effects, offers quality and cost-benefit to the consumer. But above all, it has a social role with each person who “Chose to Stop”. We know that it is a very difficult moment, involving emotional, behavioural and contextual issues, and Fumasil® through the application found a way to relate to this consumer, leaving him motivated throughout the 90 days of treatment ”; explains Adriana Jansen, Product Manager at FQM. According to the World Health Organization, smoking is the leading cause of preventable death worldwide, accounting for 63% of deaths related to chronic non-communicable diseases. In addition, according to the INCA, it is estimated that, in Brazil, 200 thousand people died prematurely a year due to smoking.

About the medicine FUMASIL® is an anti-smoking drug, indicated as an aid in the treatment and fight against smoking. The product is effective in modifying and / or destroying the desire to smoke tobacco. It assists as deconditioning for the smoker when avoiding it to compensate with food, mainly sweet taste. It is a progressive action medicine that helps and stimulates the body to fight smoking and the following secondary ills caused by tobacco consumption: physical and emotional depression, prostitution, mental confusion and lack of memory, insomnia, headaches, nausea or dizziness nauseous and tobacco heart.



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