PlayerUm announces brand repositioning and new communication

Rio de Janeiro startup PlayerUm announces its rebranding process22/09/2020

Rio de Janeiro´s startup PlayerUm (, specialized in the creation and development of games, applications and gamified platforms for the B2B market, has just announced its rebranding process. The change comes to punctuate the new moment of the company, which also changed its slogan to verbalize it: “Your innovation is our purpose”.

"We like the new brand precisely because it has different interpretations."

After nine years of experience and learning, PlayerUm has positioned itself as a leading agency that is use to delivery of innovative and interactive solutions, which use gamification and engagement mechanics, to improve internal and external communication, integration and teamwork, sales, as well as many other processes that directly impact the results of its customers.

In addition to the new brand, the website and the company's entire visual identity were redesigned. These are new colours, effects, fonts and symbols that aim to modernize and position the brand. The new graphic project, created with the support of the Dinamite Criativa agency, brought elements that refer to innovation and interactivity; from the creation of the logo, which takes the initials of the name, through a set of symbols with different interpretations, to the details of the typography more straight and with punctual cut-outs. According to Flávio Stoliar, PlayerUm´s CEO, in addition to updating the brand, created in 2011, the new symbol was chosen for the versatility and interactivity that already begins in the presentation of the logo. “When we look at the symbol, some people can see a tesseract or a robot (which refer to something futuristic), others see a book (which refers to our educational side); some perceive cubes or dice (which refer to the games we develop), others see an owl (which add to wisdom); even a flower is observed (which refers to our connection with sustainability)”, says the executive.



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