PlayerTalks receives Olympic medalist Marcus Vinicius Freire

In an exclusive interview, Marcão talks about his career and the main challenges he faced in the corporate market 22/09/2020

The third episode of the PlayerTalks podcast, created by the innovation and gamification agency PlayerUm, has a more than special guest: Marcus Vinícius Freire, known as Marcão, part of the silver generation of Brazilian volleyball. In the interview given to executive Flávio Stoliar, PlayerUm's CEO, Marcão spoke about the concept of “Corporate Mismatch”, considering his trajectory and his experience as an athlete, executive and entrepreneur.

“Mismatch is my mantra word;" said Marcão

The central theme of the chat was about this concept widely used in sport, the “Mismatch”, which in the literal translation means incompatibility. In practice, it is when a big player attacks a short player, generating an unequal confrontation. In the business world, there is a great mismatch, especially in this pandemic moment, where on the one hand there are large corporations (strong, robust, but slow), and on the other, lean startups (light and fearless, but inexperienced) . The interview revolved around the adaptations of large companies at this moment, in front of the agile startups. “If I stay in the comfort zone, I soon get uncomfortable and I need to leave ... when I go into a project, I go in my head. And when it is delivered, I already go after another project and idea”, said Marcão.

The entrepreneur also told how he adapted to so many innovations throughout his career and how mismatch helped him to follow this path of success, with many learnings and diverse experiences. In his career, Marcão was a Brazilian volleyball player and, from 2009 to 2016, he was executive director of sports for the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB). He was CEO of Fluminense Football Club from August 2017 to May 2018. And, since 2019, Marcão has been an executive partner at Play9, a producer of digital content. The full exclusive interview is now available on all podcast platforms.



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